Programs & Activities

Overview of the ESDA Program

ESDA Program today broadly consists of the following three components (as shown diagrammatically in ESDA at a Glance):


  1. ESDA Master’s Programs
    • Sustainable Integrated Rural Development in Africa Program (SIRDA)
    • Sustainable Urban Development Program (SUD)
    • Mining and Mineral Resources Program (MMR)
  2. Next Generation Researchers Project
  3. Africa Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative

Current status of the programme

The distinguishing characteristics of ESDA, which permeate through all its program components and which separate it from other academic programs for sustainability capacity building for Africa, may be summarized as follows:


  1. Joint program ownership by the 8 African Partner Universities;
  2. Commitment to improvement of the existing graduate programs through inter-university sharing of complementary strengths;
  3. Common emphasis on field-oriented instruction, problem-solving inquiry and transboundary interaction with multiple stakeholder;
  4. Assignment of a pivotal role to young faculty for integrating research, education and public service to bring about a greater societal impact of the universities
  5. Intentional use of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) for enhancing inter-university collaboration; and
  6. Program designed for any student, African or non-African, who is interested in contributing to Africa’s sustainable development