Sustainable Urban Development Programme (SUD)

Programme Goal


The goal of this programme is to train and equip learners with knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for effective and sustainable urban development.  The problem-based learning approach in this program is expected to improve students’ appreciation and understanding of the urban environment and empower them to better address the complex and interconnected urbanization challenges in Africa.


Institutions offering the Programme


Kenyatta University

University of Nairobi


Degree awarded


Master of Science (Sustainable Urban Development) –UoN


Length of Study


2 Years


Programme Description


The programme is offered jointly by both Kenyatta and University of Nairobi. Major themes are urban water and sanitation, urban energy and urban food security. Course work is offered in three semester blocks, and involves field work, classwork-theory, and assignments. The second year largely comprises of Internship, Seminar paper and project. At Kenyatta University, the programme is currently being undertaken on full-time basis. At the University of Nairobi the programme is  offered on both  full time and part time basis.


Structure of the curriculum


The two year programme comprises of core units to be taken in year one. Students must also choose and area of specialization –either Urban water or sanitation; urban energy or Urban food security—with each area of specialization having three units. Internship and seminar, and project will commence in the second year.


Who should apply?


The programme is open to graduates in a wide range of disciplines- arts, social, life and natural sciences reflecting the diversity and complexity of urban issues. Applicants should hold a first class, 2nd class honours degree.


Comments from the Coordinator –ESDA-SUD, KU Chapter, Dr. John N. Muriuki.


The course will definitely revolutionize urban development in Kenya and the region as it will develop urban managers, leaders, and trainers who are keen in emphasizing sustainability ideals, with regard to urban development. It is in line with the Sustainable development goals.


Comments from the Coordinator –ESDA-SUD, UoN Chapter, Prof. Nzioka John Muthama.


The programme is timely in that it is developing professionals with holistic and trans-disciplinary perspectives of sustainable development and the capacity to engage local and national governments on appropriate policies that support sustainability thinking for development. In addition, these graduates are equipped with much needed skills for technology-oriented research with direct bearing on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and Africa’s Agenda 2063.


Comments from the Host Department Chair – Dr. James Koske


The programme is up and running; and attracting great interest. Applications from suitably qualified persons (National, Regional & International) are welcome. Professional from this programme will be equipped with high level urban sustainability skills –and will be capable of handling current and emerging urban issues both locally and internationally.