ESDA in University of Nairobi


Master of Science Degree in Sustainable Urban Development


About the Program


The Master of Science Degree program in Sustainable Urban Development (MSc-SUD) of the University of Nairobi ( is being offered at the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies ( under the School of Physical Sciences in the College of Biological and Physical Sciences. The MSc-SUD program started in January 2014 with the first batch of five (5) students. The problem-based learning approach in this program is expected to improve students’ appreciation and understanding of the urban environment and empower them to better address the complex and interconnected urbanization challenges in Africa, especially in the three specialization options of (1) Water and Sanitation; (2) Urban Food and Nutrition Security; and (3) Renewable Energy.


The objectives of the programme shall be to:

  1. Enable students have good knowledge of the holistic and trans-disciplinary perspectives of sustainable development.
  2. Provide knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary for innovation development for sustainable urban development.
  3. Equip students with skills for technology-oriented research with direct bearing on enhanced social-economic development.
  4. Inculcate innovative entrepreneurial culture and practices for wealth creation and poverty alleviation.
  5. Develop professionals capable of engaging local and national governments on appropriate policies that support sustainability thinking for development.


The Courses


First Semester

·         SGP 501: Statistical Techniques and Analysis

·         SUD 600: Contemporary  Urbanization and Sustainable Development

·         SUD 601: Ecosystem-Based Development

·         SUD 602: Climate Change and Sustainable Urban Development

·         SUD 603: Urban Management, Governance and Ethics

·         SUD 604: Sustainable Local Economic Development and Entrepreneurship

Second Semester

·         SGP 511: Research Methods

·         SUD 605: Community Innovation for Sustainable Development

·         SUD 606: Principles of Cleaner Production and Green Economy

·         SUD 607: Community Project Development and Management

·         SUD 608: Sustainable Urban Planning

Third Semester (Any 4 units from one of the three specialization options)
Water and Sanitation

·         SUD 612: Water and Environmental Sanitation

·         SUD 613: Urban Water Supply and Sanitation

·         SUD 614: Urban Waste Water Treatment and Management

·         SUD 615: Urban Community Water, Sanitation and Utilities Management

·         SUD 616: Urban Solid Waste Management

·         SUD 617: Public Health Engineering for Water and Sanitation

Urban Food and Nutrition Security

·         SUD 621: Concepts and Principles of Food and Nutrition Security

·         SUD 622: Urban Households Food and Nutrition Security

·         SUD 623: Sustainable Urban Agriculture and Farming Systems

·         SUD 624: Best Practices and Innovations in Enhancing Urban Food Security

·         SUD 625: Urban Food Safety


Renewable Energy

·         SUD 631: Energy Systems in Urban Areas

·         SUD 632: Bio-Energy Technologies

·         SUD 633: Solar Energy

·         SUD 634: Wind and Hydropower Technologies

·         SUD 635: Energy Resources, Utilization and Management

·         SUD 636: Energy Resources, Economics, Policy and Environment

Fourth and Fifth Semester

·         SUD 697: Internship

·         SUD 698: Research Project


The Students


Name Specialization Option
1.      Grace Watetu Githiri (I56/71304/2014) Urban Food and Nutrition Security
2.      Nickson Karia Kariuki (I56/71710/2014) Water and Sanitation
3.      Michael Okello Otieno (I56/71277/2014) Renewable Energy
4.      Nickson Otieno Otieno (I56/71177/2014) Renewable Energy
5.      Harison Ouma Kwach (I56/71412/2014) Water and Sanitation
6.      John Aggrey Otieno (I56/77989/2015) Water and Sanitation
7.      David Alunga Kabiduka (I56/77990/2015) Water and Sanitation
8.      Ronald Birungi (I56/83566/2015) Water and Sanitation
9.      Hellen Njeri Njoroge (I56/87640/2016) Water and Sanitation




  1. Elias H.O. Ayiemba
  2. David N. Mungai
  3. Alice O. Odingo
  4. Francis Mwaura
  5. Samuel O. Owuor
  6. Shadrack M. Kithiia
  7. Stellah M. Mukhovi
  8. James M. Moronge
  9. Teresa W. Mbatia
  10. Lincoln K. Karingi
  11. Lincoln K. Ndogoni
  12. Nicholas M. Ochanda